Born in Shimane in 1980. Living in Shimokitazawa.
In a basic design course she took at an architecture scool,
she learned a painting technique using 3 primal water colors.
Then she started to paint with motifs of flower or body to
depict her inner view.

Having unique world, her paintings attract many people.
Popular as a main image for plays, used as a stage design
or as an art design in TV drama.

Since 2020, she holds workshops to teach her unique painting
technique using 3 primal colors.

2020.1 - Tokyo Asakusa Gallery Gei
2018.12 - Tokyo Asakusa Gallery Gei
2018.8 - 508 Gallery, Summer Fine Art Group Exhibition London
2018.6-8 - Ward Nassau Gallery, Summer Salon 2018 New Jersey
2017.1 - Art rooms London
2016.12 - Laundry graphic gallery Group Exhibition Tokyo
2016.10 - Grid Art Fair London
2016.9 - Art below London
2016.7 - Parallax Art Fair London http://www.parallaxaf.co/
2016.2 - Parallax Art Fair London
2015.8 - Seoul Illustration Fair Seoul
2015.2 - Spin Gallery Tokyo
2014.1 - Azabujuban gallery Group Exhibition Tokyo

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Art as 1
Art Breath

Important World Artist Vol.2, Issued 2017.9, P52.

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