Erica Ito
artist in Tokyo/Shimane
After attending the design/architecture school, she began creating paintings with flower motifs.
She is charmed by the beauty of the colors itself.
Her recent water-color work uses limited number of colors. She paints a motif repeatedly to express brightness and darkness by making a graduation.
Her 2014 works were expression of a life and death. Those works were filled with question about life.
Inspiration comes from her daily experiences like work, meal, seasonal sceneries and especially yoga meditation.
Current her attempt is to depict things which are too subtle to be conscious, but actually it is the existence of ourselves.
She believes it should a cerebration for life and love.
Artrooms and Art below Jan. 2017 (London)
<2016> Grid Art Fair Oct.2016(London)
Parallax Art Fair Jul. 2016(London)
Parallax Art Fair Feb.2016(London)
ZINE ten (Laundry Graphic Gallery, Tokyo)
<2015> Solo Exhibition (Spin Gallery, Tokyo)
Seoul Illustration Fair (Coex center, Seoul)


Art As 1
Art Breath by Laundry Graphics Gallery.
Contemporary art curator.