[Coffee Berak] 
Handmade snacks which I found in my days in Shimokitazawa.

4th(Tue.) to 10th (Mon. Holiday), Oct, 2022
Business day 17:00〜22:00 / Weekend & Holiday 13:00〜20:00(Last day till 18:00)
Shimokitazawa Reading Cafe Pikaichi (4min. from Shimokitazawa St. East exit)

Flour, eggs, sugar, spices and nuts....
Foods coming from blessings of nature, formed and finished by someone's hands draw our attention.
When we can taste such foods it is like we are receiving happy "present" from the world, isn't it?
I paint to depict nourishing and tender power of foods in my works.

I'll be at the venue Business day: 17:00-20:00 Weekend and holiday 13:00-17:00

-Past exhibitions-

kokorotokasu    Jan. 2020 Tokyo Asakusa gallery Gei

sole1    Feb. 2019 Tokyo Asakusa gallery Gei

spring_color    Feb. 2015 SPIN GALLERY

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